The Open University
Project Description
The Open University undertook remedial works to a laboratory building within their Milton Keynes campus and CBS provided the engineering support for the remodelling of the Mechanical & Electrical Services. 

The project was sub-divided into three phases and completed over a twelve month period. This allowed the critical systems to be operational for all but a short changeover period.

CBS also worked as the lead Consultant role and Contract Administrator for the Beagle 2 Project, an aseptic assembly facility for the Mars Lander. At a cost of over £40 million the Mars mission which landed after Christmas Day 2003 was to attempt to detect life on Mars. The clean room constructed gave conditions better than ISO Class 3 (Class 1) for the Lander assembly. We were praised for the fact the room was built within near impossible time restraints and has still resulted in one of the worlds cleanest rooms.

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